About Ur Web Guys, Meet our Superheros

In business, image is everything. From Facebook to Webpages, everything has become a direct reflection of any company advertising their services and today, nothing has become more vital for a business than digital exposure. The truth is, our society has come to depend on search engines to point them in the right direction and companies are quickly jumping in with all they have to ensure they are the first company consumers see once they hit the search button. As a result, companies are spending, on average, millions of dollars on marketing teams and web host developers to ensure the top spots.
URWEBGUYS saw the challenge and have become advocates to providing top-notch services to business owners and corporations everywhere without breaking the bank. For years, URWEBGUYS has researched and developed the necessary techniques and tools to increase website traffic and revenue for various businesses looking to venture into the digital world while ensuring the same top quality services as those who would normally charge millions do.
Some of these services they have perfected are web and graphic design to give your business webpage that polished look, the capability for your business to be able to sell services online thus expanding your revenue to anyone with internet access, utilizing social networks and other internet revenues to market your business, and increasing foot traffic by providing top SEO services. Companies swear by it, URWEBGUYS has not only reduced the stress and confusion of running your own webpage but has increased their revenue significantly, and are overall happy with the results.
Running your a business or corporation is never an easy task. Our team is here to help and share our expertise in Internet Marketing and Graphic design with you and take your company to new heights. Completely transforming your company from average to household name.

Meet Our Team

Dave Goldstein, CEO

As the CEO of UrWebGuys, Dave is responsible for managing all of our day-to-day activities. Dave is also the strong force behind UrWebGuys corporate development and strategy team. Founding our small operation in 2012 together with Jonathan and only 2 other employees, Dave has faithfully served as the CEO and personally overseen the tremendous growth of UrWebGuys ever since.

Dave received his Bachelor’s degree with honors from Excelsior University and holds an MBA from Towson University in Entrepreneurship with a focus in Marketing and International Business.


Jonathan Friedman, Vice President

Jonathan co-founded UrWebGuys together with Dave in 2012. As VP, Jonathan oversees business development and shares the responsibilities of day-to-day operations. Jonathan has experience in web development, as well as e-commerce. Jonathan remains the Vice President and has helped with the tremendous growth UrWebGuys has seen in recent years.

Jonathan received his Bachelor’s degree from Excelsior University and holds an International MBA from Bar Ilan University in Global Enterprise Management.


Dov Gluck, Business Script Writer/Editor

Dov joined our team in 2013, taking charge of writing sales pitches and developing presentations for our web team. Dov is also our copy editor, overseeing that nothing leaves the office or is published online without his approval.

Dov has a Bachelors Degree from Johns Hopkins University in Business Management.